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Cast Fact Sheets

Megan Follows


BIRTHDATE: March 14, 1968

BIRTHPLACE: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

HUSBAND: Christopher Porter

CHILDREN: Lyla and Russell

PARENTS: Ted Follows (actor) and Dawn Greenhalgh (actor)

SIBLINGS: Samantha (actor), Laurence (producer) and Edwina (writer and producer)

RESIDES: New York City

OTHER NAMES SHE USES: Megan Follows Porter and Megan Porter Follows

CLAIM TO FAME: Anne of Green Gables

ACTING DEBUT: Bell Canada TV commercial (1977, age 9)

MOVIE DEBUT: Stephen Kings "Silver Bullet" (1985)

THEATER DEBUT: "The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-In-The Moon-Marigolds" where she acted with her sister and mother. (NYC, 1988)

OTHER TV WORK: The Baxters (1980-81), Domestic Life (CBS, 1984), Facts of Life (guest appearance, 1982), The Littlest Hobo (CTV, 1982), Murder She Wrote (guest appearance, CBS, 1995), Second Chances (CBS, 1993-94), and The Outer limits (guest appearance).

OTHER MOVIE WORK: Back to Hannible: The Return of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn (1990), The Chase 91991), Clare's Wish (1978), Cry in the Wild: The Taking of Peggy Ann (1991), Inherit the Wind (1988), The Nutcracker Prince (1990), AND Termini Station (1989), among many others.

OTHER THEATER WORK: Amadeus (1995) and has performed with the Atlantic Theater Festival in Nova Scotia for the past three years.

AWARDS: Gemini Award for Anne of Green Gables and another Gemini Award for Anne of Avonlea.

CHARACTER SHE'S KNOWN FOR: Anne Shirley in "Anne of Green Gables

HOW I'D DESCRIBE ANNE: Kind, a daydreamer, a troublemaker, beautiful, and very talkative.

FAN MAIL: C/O Sullivan Entertainment, 110 Davenport Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5R3R3

PHOTO COLLECTION: Courtesy of "The Unofficial Megan Follows Homepage"

Schuylar Grant


BIRTHDAY: April 29th


HUSBAND: Jeff Krasno (jazz musician)

PARENTS: Jack Grant (writer) and Ann Grant (landscaper)

SIBLINGS: Jason (enviormentalist)

FAMOUS GREAT AUNT: Katherine Hepburn

EDUCATION: Columbia University

HOBBIES: Reading, yoga, and hanging out with her friends

CLAIM TO FAME: Anne of Green Gables

ACTING DEBUT: Anne of Green Gables

OTHER TV WORK: Law and Order and a regular on All My Children

OTHER MOVIE WORK: Laura Lansing Slept Here with Katherine Hepburn and Wrestling With Alligators (1998)

OTHER THEATER WORK: Major Barbara, The Importance of Being Ernest, Twelfth Night, Children of the Lesser God, and others.

FAVORITE MOVIE: One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest


FAVORITE BOOK: From Beirut to Jerusalem by Thomas L. Friedman

CHARACTER SHE'S KNOWN FOR: Diana Berry, Anne's best friend on "Anne of Green Gables.

HOW I'D DESCRIBE DIANA: Lovely, kind, serious, "proper," and romantic

FAN MAIL: Silver, Massetti & Szatmary East LTD, 145 West 45th Street, #1204, New York, NY 10036

PHOTO COLLECTION: Courtesy of "The Unoffical Schulyer Grant Homepage

Jonathan Crombie

BIRTHDATE: October 12, 1966

BIRTHPLACE: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

PARENTS: David Crombie (former Toronto mayor) and Shirley Ann Combie

SIBLINGS: Two older sisters

WIFE: Not married

CHILDREN: None, although he loves kids

EDUCATION: University of Toronto's Victoria College where he graduated in 1995

FAVORITE MUSIC: Country and musicals

HOBBIES: Singing, dancing, and hiking

CLAIM TO FAME: Anne of Green Gables

OTHER FILMS: Bullies (1985) and Café Romeo (1991)

OTHER STAGE WORK: Wizard of Oz (High school production, where he was discovered), and Skippy's Rangers (a comedy troupe. He has also been working with the Stratford Festival of Canada where he has performed in such shows as The Taming of the Shrew, As You Like It, and Romeo and Juliette.

CHARACTER HE'S KNOWN FOR: Gilbert Blythe in "Anne of Green Gables"

HOW I'D DESCRIBE GILBERT: Handsome, romantic, intelligent, flirtatious, and sweet.

FAN MAIL: C/O Sullivan Entertainment, 110 Davenport Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5R3R3

PHOTO COLLECTION: Courtesy of "Anne's Abode

Colleen Dewhurst

BORN: June 3rd, 1924

BIRTHPLACE: Montreal, Canada

DIED: August 22cd, 1991



MOVIE DEBUT: A Nun's Story (1959)

OTHER FILMS: And Baby Makes Six (1979), Bed and Breakfast (released in 1992), You Can't Take It With You (1984), When A Stranger Calls (1991), Termini Station (1989), Ice Castles (1979), The Boy Who Could Fly (1986), Obsessed (1988), Dying Young (1991), Cowboys (1972), Danielle Steel's Kaleidoscope (released in 1992), and Lantern Hill (1991).

TV WORK: She had a recurring role as Candice Bergen's mother in Murphy Brown

OTHER WORK: President of the Actors Equity US Theater Union from 1985-1991

NOMINATIONS: Emmy Award in 1976 for "Moon For the Misbegotten"

AWARDS WON: Gemini Award in 1989 for "Obsessed" and the NYFCC Award in 1978 for "Interiors."

CHARACTER SHE'S KNOWN FOR: Marilla Cuthbert in "Anne of Green Gables

HOW I'D DESCRIBE MARILLA: Elderly, strict, serious, religious, and hard working

Richard Farnsworth

BEGAN CAREER: At the age of 16 as a stuntman

MOVIE DEBUT: A Day At the Races (1937)

OTHER FILMS: Red River (1948), Wild One (1953), Spartacus (1960), Cowboys (1971), Grey Fox (1981), The Natural (1984), the Two Jakes (1990), and Tom Horn (1988)

TV WORK: Roots (1977) and The Fire Next Time (1992)

NOMINATIONS: Oscar in 1979 for Comes A Horseman, a Golden Globe Award in 1986 for the Chase, and another Golden Globe Award nomination in 1984 for The Grey Fox

AWARDS WON: Gemini Award for Best Foreign Actor, A Genie Award in 1983 for The Grey Fox, an NBR Award for Comes A Horseman, and an NSFC Award for Comes A Horseman.

FAMOUS CHARACTER HE'S PLAYED: Matthew Cuthbert in "Anne of Green Gables"

HOW I'D DESCRIBE MATTHEW: Elderly, hardworking, shy, loving, quiet, kind, and gentle.